We present you the first regional #FaceAwardsBalkan!

For two years we have enjoyed the immeasurable talent of makeup artists, have who excited us with their abilities at the #FaceAwards competition. Such talent, creativity, and love for the makeup world – all in one revolutionary digital event!

This year we are ready to turn up the challenge – WELCOME TO #FACEAWARDSBALKAN!

We invite all makeup artists, as well as those who wish to become one for a test of their skills! The competition will be organised in 4 phases which include 3 creative challenges. In each challenge creativity, skills, and presentation are evaluated, and this year every challenge will be evaluated by an expert jury and audience. The Live Finals Event again awaits you, where top 5 competitors will be gathered, and only one of them will proudly carry the title of ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2018, receive a prize in the amount of 500 euros, and a VIP trip to the live US Face Awards Finals Event in Los Angeles in August 2018.



These are our TOP 5 talents!


Face Awards Balkan proudly presents: the makers of 5 most magnificent makeup videos submitted to our contest in 2018!

Big thanks to each and everyone of our talented submitters. YOU are our inspiration!


And the winner is...

Sandra Nikoletić

jury 21

Nina Vujasin

jury 18

Ana Radulović

jury 17

Andrea Milanović

jury 13

Olivera Vaščanin

jury 6

Sandra Nikoletić

jury 44 public 1525

Ana Radulović

jury 43 public 792

Nina Vujasin

jury 40 public 1492

Olivera Vaščanin

jury 29 public 2457

Andrea Milanović

jury 41 public 692

Lea Klečak

jury 39 public 388

Milana Čekić

jury 32 public 634

Ines Krmpotić

jury 31 public 275

Jelena Marinković

jury 28 public 327

Sandra Nikoletić

jury 35 public 2329

Ana Radulović

jury 35 public 710

Nina Vujasin

jury 34 public 1058

Lea Klečak

jury 35 public 479

Andrea Milanović

jury 31 public 628

Milana Čekić

jury 23 public 2134

Ines Krmpotić

jury 30 public 533

Andrijana Stankovska

jury 30 public 521

Olivera Vaščanin

jury 23 public 642

Jelena Marinković

jury 29 public 418

Lucija Vidaković

jury 29 public 293

Христина Пейковска

jury 26 public 114

Веселина Райкова

jury 25 public 409

Aleksandra Mitrović

jury 25 public 206

Виктория Радева

jury 24 public 220

Tamara Horvat

jury 23 public 454

Ana Nenadić

jury 19 public 295

Пламена Рашева

jury 19 public 158

Katarina Perković

jury 16 public 210

Face Awards is an annual competition that highlights what is best and most innovative in the digital makeup community. The word FACE stands for Freedom & Artistry for Creative Expression. For seven years the FACE Awards have been organised in the USA. Throughout the years it has gathered thousands of competitors, and the best we have followed live at the Finals in Los Angeles.

The competition has spread throughout the world and the FACE Awards are recognised as the best global makeup competition. All winners had the honour to travel to Los Angeles and be an integral part of big US Face Awards Finals!

This year we are organising the Face Awards at regional level and we are inviting the entire makeup community to participate. From all the Top 5 finalists who make it to the very end, only the best will receive:

A cash prize in the amount of 500 euros, an unforgettable VIP trip to Los Angeles.

Every makeup artist or someone who feels like one can submit an application, if he/she fulfils the competition rules. The competition includes 4 phases and 3 creative challenges. In each phase the competitors will be evaluated based on their creativity, skills, and quality of presentation. The first Top 20 finalists will receive a large surprise package from the NYX Professional Makeup team who will assist them in making the best responses to their challenges as possible.

The Competition has spread throughout the world and the FACE Awards are recognised as the best global makeup competition. All winners had the honour of traveling to Los Angeles and being an integral part of the big US Face Awards Finals!

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